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Back story

Fishers Jewellers was established in 1924 and is the largest jeweller in Northland. The jewellers at Fishers Jewellers have impeccably high standards and a passion for the craft. Fishers Jewellers engagement rings specialist and Master jewellers bring a European design influence to their work, providing quality design and service to generations of New Zealand customers.

Primarily serving Northland and Auckland, Fishers Jewellers has the largest workshop north of Auckland and, despite their remote location, use technology to communicate with customers to create works of art and heirlooms of the future. The team at Fishers Jewellers seek to create lifelong customers by ensuring satisfaction, service and attention to detail. Couples seeking engagement rings make Fishers Jewellers their reference point.

Meet the team

Johnny (owner) was raised in Wellington and Auckland and is trained in gemology, art and design. His work with several Auckland jewellery companies honed his skills in all aspects of production techniques, repairs and custom design. Johnny is a Diamond and Coloured Stone Graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as well as being a Certified Valuer.

Patricia’s natural affinity for fashion, styling and design shines through. Using her flair for design and customer rapport, Patricia (owner) creates exceptional jewellery that is a seamless extension of the owner’s personality. Born and raised in Switzerland, Patricia brings a European influence to the business.

Both Johnny and Patricia enjoy outdoor interests such as free-diving, canoe racing, skiing, cycling and hunting.

Style consultants, Rachel and Jessica have retail and service backgrounds and are training in jewellery design and gemological studies.

Diamonds Direct from Antwerp

As members of the Antwerp Diamond Brokers Club for over 10 years, Johnny and Patricia have access to a range of Antwerp diamond merchants. As Certified Antwerp Diamond Brokers, they are able select the very best stones at favourable prices for their customers’ investment from the vast inventory available.

Diamond engagement rings start with the selection of fine quality stones.

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Engagement rings specialist

“An engagement ring is likely the most important ring you’ll ever wear, and more likely the ring you’ll wear the most in your life aside from your wedding ring.”

Talented designers work with customers to create unique engagement rings that reflect individuals’ personality and style. “Every customer has different tastes and requirements. No two customers are ever the same therefore neither are our designs.”

Inspiration for design comes from a range of sources including decades in the trade, European influences, and studies in German and Italian renaissance art.

Fishers Jewellers is one of the pioneers of CAD software in the jewellery trade in New Zealand. Today their jewellery designers are highly skilled operators of multiple jewellery CAD software programs. To be the ultimate CAD jewellery designer takes a rare combination of skills. The designer needs to be highly knowledgeable and technically minded to operate  computer software. They need to have spent time as a goldsmith to understand the practical side of designs and the manufacturing process, and lastly they need the design eye of an artist. One on one CAD consultations are free of charge.

The design journey

When looking for something original, Fishers Jewellers, an engagement rings specialist, create a jewellery design that will be really special and suit the customer’s individual style and lifestyle.

Johnny and Patricia explain the process like this:

  • “Make an appointment with our CAD jewellery designers. We’ll ask you a few lead questions about the purpose e.g. Is it for an engagement ring, a dress ring? Maybe a bracelet or otherwise. You may already know you want a round diamond solitaire ring. We can show you styles and options. Your feedback is important so we can eliminate the dislikes and bring out the likes.
  • Once we have narrowed down the options and found the style you desire we can show you a computer rendered image of design possibilities including diamond size if required.
    We can then provide diamond grade and size options and pricing.
  • All our Diamonds are GIA Graded so you can be assured that you’re getting the exact diamond you intended. GIA is the most trusted Diamond Grading Laboratory in the world and, as we are trained by the GIA, it makes sense that Diamonds Direct sell GIA graded diamonds. Finding the right diamond has never been so easy. Contact us and we will help you find your precious diamond.
  • When we’ve found the right combination of design, gems and budget we can begin the process. A deposit is paid and the creation begins.”

“Green” jewellery – what is it?

It is a rare skill to find a designer who can look at a collection of old jewellery, learn the customer’s tastes and design the perfect result. Re-modelling is the recommended solution if there’s a piece of jewellery that is not often worn, or a family heirloom that doesn’t match an individual’s personal style or maybe a much loved piece that has just worn out.

Fishers Jewellers works with their customers to make old jewellery new again. The savings can be significant compared with purchasing a piece already made up. Recycling old jewellery has many benefits including good social conscience now that we are more aware these days of our carbon footprint. As well as being a cost saving, re-modelling jewellery is environmentally a good choice. Jewellery cannot be enjoyed if it’s sitting in the drawer. If it’s out of style or worn out consider having it re-modelled into something exciting and fresh.


  • Fabulous team extremely helpful, professional and so lovely to deal with and of course stunning jewellery, highly recommended (A.P. September 2019)
  • Their work is always of the highest standard and exactly as discussed, or better. I find all of the staff friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. They understand the sentimental value attached to jewellery and are respectful of special pieces when taken in for assessment or repair. My sister now travels up from Auckland when she needs to purchase or repair a piece as she has seen the beautiful workmanship of pieces that the Fishers Jewellers team has made for me and we know that they always provide honest, reliable and quality service. (K.K. May 2019)
  • From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough Johnny & Patricia. You transformed the partial loss of a much loved family heirloom & salvaged my total despair & heartbreak into a truly beautiful piece of new jewellery that I will treasure. The fact that I can look to the heart of this new piece & still see the original means you have captured that connection & love for me forever. You are truly talented. (S.C.G June 2019)

Other services

Other services available from Fishers Jewellers are:

  • Jewellery repairs
  • Watch repairs
  • Valuations
  • Buying gold
  • Engraving
  • Internal ring/bangle engraving
  • Laser welding
  • Pearl rethreading
  • Jewellery insurance
  • Purchase of unwanted gold


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