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Back story

Knights the Jewellers was established by Watchmaker Keith Knight and his wife Alice in 1931 (both now deceased).

Eighty seven years later, the business is now owned by their youngest son, Monty Knight and his youngest daughter Adeline who between them have over 80 years retail experience.

Adeline has worked in an Australian Opal mine store and more recently spent the last 15 years at Knights the Jewellers. She has completed courses in Jewellery, Sales and Designing, she is a Certified Antwerp Diamond Broker.

Monty draws on his experience as a Signwriter and Artist to engage in Jewellery designing for Knights customers. He was inducted into the Northland Business Hall of Fame in 2010.

The store is spacious with attractive displays of quality brands including a focus on New Zealand Jade, Evolve NZ Charm Jewellery and Stow Lockets. The store continues its strong connection to watches, stocking some of the world’s leading brands.

Designing and remodelling jewellery

Designing and remaking jewellery has become an important part of this old established business, and Knights has received numerous testimonials from satisfied customers. Knights the Jewellers can help redesign jewellery pieces, sketching a design to the customer’s requirements and then handcrafting it.

Old gold and stones may be re-used; gold can be melted and blended to 9 or 18ct so it is not a problem if different colours or grades of gold are involved.

Sourcing the perfect diamond

As an Antwerp Diamond Broker, Adeline travels regularly to the heart of the diamond trade, Antwerp in Belgium. With access to an exceptional selection of diamonds from world renowned diamond cutters, Adeline is able to select exactly the right diamond to suit every customer.

Diamond designs testimonials

  • A special individual diamond ring

I recently purchased a beautiful handmade bespoke ring from Knights the Jewellers in Kaitaia.
As Antwerp Diamond Brokers, Knights were able to supply a high quality diamond from the diamond capital of the world at a very competitive price.
Monty and Adeline Knight worked with me to design the perfect ring to set the stone in.
The final outcome was beyond my expectations. I want to thank them for the extra time and effort they put into producing this heirloom piece for me, which cost me considerably less than the final valuation.
I would certainly recommend Knights to anyone wanting to purchase a special individual diamond ring.

  • A remodelling success story

“I would like to thank Monty Knight and the team at Knights the Jewellers in Kaitaia for the wonderful and caring service that was provided recently when I inquired about remodelling my grandmother’s ring I inherited.
Monty made some very good suggestions for a new ring. In the end I opted to add my surplus rings into the equation. The result was two beautiful rings, unique in every way. I still have some stones left and am looking forward to having Monty create another special piece. Thanks again.”

  • Diamond designs with a hand selected stone from Antwerp

“Recently I had the opportunity to purchase an amazing Antwerp diamond. Adeline from Knights the Jewellers, Kaitaia, on one of her trips to Antwerp (Belgium) chose for me a 2.01 carat diamond which was exactly the cut, colour, clarity and carat I had asked for. Adeline returned with the most beautiful diamond. She was extremely helpful throughout the process, consulting with me and making sure I was perfectly happy every step of the way.
On her return, Adeline and I talked through the setting and after looking at many ways it could be set, came up with a simple basket setting which enhances the diamond. The setting was hand crafted by their jewellery designer who made a beautiful job. It was exactly as I had imagined it would be and had asked for, an amazing craftsman.
This stone and setting was selected, purchased and crafted for me making it extra special. Should you be thinking of diamonds – don’t hesitate to see Adeline and her team at Knights the Jewellers, her customer service will be everything you are looking for.”
(Testimonial names with-held for security reasons)

Other services

Knights the Jewellers offers a range of services including:
• Jewellery repairs
• Watch repairs
• Engraving
• Purchase of old gold
• Valuations
• Pearl rethreading


Explore Knights the Jewellers at your leisure.

For more info on custom design jewellery, click here.

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